Eon Terminal

Offering a comfort beyond expectations with its integrated body and unique back incline, Eon Terminal facilitates cleaning with anti-dust metal triangular beams. The gap between chair, seat and backrest is not only easy to clean, it also helps with security checks and makes dropped belongings visible. The perfect choice for hospitals, airports and high traffic areas.

Eon Terminal

  • Antimicrobial Durable Polyurethane Seat:
    Can be cleaned with most chemical solvents.
    Different colours are available.

    Smart Seat Interchangeability:
    Seats can easily be swapped.
    If seats need to have their colours swapped, or if a replacement is required, then seats can easily be swapped out instead of getting a whole new beam.

    Triangular Beam Design:
    Designed for smart seat interchangeability, hygiene, and style.
    The triangular shape makes it harder for dust to settle.
    Standard in black, however it can be powdercoated to any colour.

    Removable Arms:
    Removable arms that can be positioned in between seats.
    Durable. Part of Eon Terminal’s mess-free look and design.

    Warranty: 10 Years