Me Too

Prolonged seated working presents several problems for physical health; the neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Sitting may be inevitable; so is coming up with answers to minimize fatigue. Made in Germany, Me Too is a high end, highly adjustable chair. See standard features for more. Me Too’s high quality and safety standards have been approved internationally by GS Certification from LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern) Institute.

Me Too

  • Me Too Fluid Motion Plus®
    Made in Germany

    Me Too Fluid Motion Plus® is an award winning individualised performance task chair designed for long work hours with its technological characteristics and state-of-the-art flexible structure. In addition to other mechanisms, Fluid Motion Plus® has an 8-degree front tilt, and its backrest can be locked in four different positions. Because of its seat slide feature, Me Too offers a comfortable and correct sitting posture to users with different leg lengths.


    • Backrest Tilt: 25 degrees tilt capacity, lockable in 4 positions
    • Front Tilt: Up to 3 degrees - counter balance the body forward.
    • Structural Flexibility: Maintain spinal alignment by mimicking the body movement.
    • Adjustable Seat Slider
    • Adjustable Backrest Tension
    • Lumbar Support
    • Adjustable Arms: Height and width
    • Adjustable Armpads: Width, fowards and backwards, and also rotation. 
    • Customisable Fabric Seat
    • Black Mesh Back
    • Black Base

    Structural Warranty: 10 Years