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Aura Café

The Aura range is completed with Aura Café. Restaurant and lounge areas can be designed in a parallel way and designers can keep their own unique space concept. Meal times are now more enjoyable as you can relax while dining. The line of Aura survives with the same touch of personality and colourful approach. By offering different heights and widths, Aura Café is able to create cafe and restaurant solutions as a part of the contract seating market. The double colour use and slim line characterises the interior and gives architects a good chance to design their own atmosphere which can easily match tables, walls, flooring etc.


Download Configuration Sheet

Aura Café

  • Customisable Upholstery
    Commercial Grade High Density Foam
    Plywood Frames
    Plinth colour options: Laminex Natural Finishes - Silver Grey, Pewter, Gunmetal, Charcoal, Zincworks, Burnished Wood

    Structural Warranty: 7 years
    Lead Time: 6-8 weeks

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