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Task Seating and Stools

Whether it is a traditional workspace, an open space collaborative office, a meeting room or a breakout area, Fineseat has supplied commercial furniture across Australia for decades. Our range of ergonomic office chairs are available in all kinds of mechanisms and customisable fabric options. 


New Arrivals

We are constantly expanding our collection.

Chair Functions

Fineseat knows seating. Find out more about how to adjust your chair for its full use.

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Commercial Office Chairs Sydney

Now you can create the perfect office with quality chairs that offer all the support you need. At Fineseat, we provide a great range of premium commercial office chairs, including ergonomic task chairs, throughout Sydney and across Australia. Over the years, we have committed to helping businesses enhance their offices with top quality commercial office chairs and furniture. Our team is made up of welcoming and knowledgeable furniture experts, who have many years of experience assisting businesses find the best commercial office chairs for their requirements and décor.


When it comes to commercial office chairs in Sydney, there’s no better manufacturer than Fineseat. Our office chairs are designed to be functional, versatile and sophisticated – so you will be guaranteed a high-quality product every time! If you are looking for comfortable yet stylish commercial chairs for your Sydney office, you can always count on the top-quality products at Fineseat.

Ergonomic Task Chair

Are you in the market for a good-quality ergonomic task chair? Fineseat is one of the prime suppliers of the finest ergonomic task chairs for offices, commercial spaces and homes. Fineseat ergonomic task chairs offer people real benefits beyond improved posture or reduce back pain. Studies show that workers who use task chairs designed to support their backs, legs, and posterior have greater productivity and fewer days missed due to physical ailments. Therefore, over time, the benefits of ergonomic task chairs add up to real financial benefits.


Ergonomic task chairs are designed made to last longer than regular chairs, so less money is spent replacing them. Fineseat offer a variety of customisable task chairs for the office and home. With body-fitting contours and proper back and lumbar support, you'll wonder how you sat in anything else. We stock an exciting variety of ergonomic task chairs and commercial office chairs for businesses throughout Sydney. If you spend more than 6 hours at your work desk and experience pain, you should consider investing in a premium Fineseat ergonomic task chair.

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