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Corporate Social Responsibility


Fineseat supports local business and communities to ensure that we grow in a sustainable manner while considering all aspects of the world we live in.


We focus our efforts in three different areas:


1. The environment

2. Our community

3. Our business and employees


The Environment

We take extensive consideration in planning to be sustainable in the environment, waste management and act responsibility so that we leave the world a better place. There is careful thought that goes into the process of designing our products and in manufacturing them. We work with environmental partners to ensure our products meet these expectations.

Please read more about this in our accreditations section.


Our Community

We are proudly an Australian company that supports local business.

We work with a supply chain that has the same ideas as us which provides accountability and creates shared value.


Investing in our people

Fineseat believes that growth and sustainability in the economy begins with it's employees. We make every effort to ensure our staff are met with a good working environment that allows them to excel and achieve, adding value to themselves and

to the business.








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