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Vistas is an ecological polyurethane modular lounge for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Made of Flexyskin
The new revolutionary technique consisting of plant-based polyurethane foam expressly designed for outdoor furniture used in shared or public spaces. All Flexyskin products are soft, non-deformable, resistant, antibacterial, fire retardant, waterproof and made without any seams, using eco-sustainable raw materials and following safety standards.‎

Versatile and Functional
Vistas is a collection of organic and fluid shapes; the simplicity of Nordic nature together with more vibrant Spanish influences.‎ In environments that require flexibility, the weight of the modules is perfect to re-arrange them or to always keep the modules in the same place.‎

Comfortable and Colourful
The Vistas is the result of combining the rich textures of Flexyskin with striking colours.‎ Versatility and functionality.‎ The firm, robust look of the modules contrasts with the soft and pliable feel of their surfaces.‎ This is the surprise factor brought by the Flexyskin technology that allows a comfortable rest.‎


Indent Colours
  • Made of Flexyskin: Plant-Based Polyurethane Foam
    Antibacterial and Antifungal
    Fire Retardant
    Soft Surface
    Easy to Clean
    Abrasion: ≥100.000 Martindale
    For both Indoor and Outdoor Use

    Structural Warranty: 5 Years

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