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Ever-changing working habits of modern business life require work environment to be redefined. We need spaces where we can conduct teamwork, individual efforts, brainstorming, minute-meetings and a variety of interactions, as well as spaces to concentrate and make best use of our break times.


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  • Upholstered wall panels in customisable fabric
    Connectors in standard powdercoating colour range
    Brackets for tables
    Optional table tops

    Various configurations available

  • Isola Single Honeycomb
    1630W x 1460D x 1240H

    Isola Triple Honeycomb
    3260W x 2590D x 1240H

    Isola Double T Panel
    2340W x 1690D x 1240H
    Segmented height options:
    1240H~1440H or 1440H~1640H

    Isola Meeting Module
    2200W x 2130D x 1440H
    Table: 728H
    Segmented height option:

    Isola Flat Double Symmetrical
    1690W x 1320D
    Height options:
    1240H, 1440H or 1640H
    Segment height options: 
    1240H~1440H or 1440H~1640H

    Other configurations are also available.

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